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Support Alex's ride for Seed!

Support Alex's ride for Seed!

Help Alex ride from Melbourne to Lismore to support Indigenous-led climate action.
Support Alex's ride for Seed!

$1,805.00 raised
Goal: $1,500.00

Support Alex's ride for Seed!

Hello! On the 20th of June I'm going to begin a month long journey on my bicycle, north bound to Lismore. This month of cycling up to 100km a day is not just for the fun of it...I'm also trying to make a positive change in the world and support a group of individuals that are working incredibly hard to tackle climate change, go SEED! A very brief bio of SEED is that it is a group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people working on the front-lines of climate action, calling for a movement away from fossil fuels and an uptake of renewable energy. These are all actions that I strongly identify with, as a young Australian studying environmental engineering. 

My route for this trip is to leave Melbourne cycling east through Gippsland until I hit the coast. From there I'll basically follow the coast line north until, 1900km's later, I arrive home in Lismore!

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Raised $1,805.00
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