Who's Speaking?

The three days of Power Shift will include some of the world's best speakers, campaigners, scientists, economists and activists. The list below is guaranteed to put on an inspiring and incredible show... and there's more to come! Draft programme available here. 

James Hansen

James is the world's highest-profile climate scientist. He's been combatting climate change since 1988, when he alerted Congress of the impending danger that is global warming. Hansen was also the head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies from 1981 to 2013. He recently retired from NASA so that he could be more active in the climate movement.

Tim Flannery

Australian of the Year in 2007, Tim Flannery is one of Australia’s best-known scientists. Tim is the Head of the Climate Commission. Since 2011 the Climate Commission has gained significant national and global media attention for research into the impacts of climate change in Australia, especially extreme weather. 

Political Q&A
Power Shift is 8 weeks out from the Federal Election. It's going to be a very hot topic. That's why we're bringing key MPs from all 3 major parties and putting them up on stage to answer your questions. Together we will make sure that climate change is front & centre in the minds of our leaders. Panelists coming soon! No shoe throwing allowed.
Samah Hadid
Samah is currently the Australian Director of The Global Poverty Project. She's a prominent and respected women’s rights and anti-poverty campaigner. She's advised national governments and international organisations on youth policy, multiculturalism and human rights issues. She was also a member of the UN Expert Meeting Group on Youth.
Claire Hooper
You've probably seen Claire being hilarious on Good News Week. Claire began making people laugh in 2004 and since has gained international awards for her hilarity. But there's more to Claire than brilliant jokes, she's also deeply passionate about climate change.
Bill McKibben
Activist. Author.

Bill wrote one of the first books on global warming in 1989. Since then he has taken on a critical role with the international climate movement. Founding 350.org and organising some of the largest world-wide climate action demonstrations. Check out his Aus Do The Math tour.

Lucy Lawless
Lucy Lawless is a New Zealand-based, famous actress known for her performances in Xena: Warrior Princess and Battlestar Galactica. Recently, she has gone from acting in films to acting on climate, including stopping an oil rig going to the Arctic for four days. 

Julian Burnside AO QC
Human Rights Lawyer.
In recent years, Julian Burnside AO QC has become one of Australia's leading human rights advocates, speaking out regularly on the topic of refugees. Julian will be joining us to discuss how climate change will affect the lives and number of refugees.
Robyn Eckersley
Robyn is the head of political science at the University of Melbourne. Her main areas of focus are political ecology, global environmental politics and IR theory. Her current research focuses on the international climate change negotiations (especially the role of the USA).
Paul Gilding

Paul is the former executive director of Greenpeace. An activist and social entrepreneur for 35 years, Paul has been inspiring and motivating a global transition to sustainability. He works all around the world with individuals, businesses, NGOs and governments.

Sam Mclean
Sam got involved with GetUp! in 2007 as a volunteer with their UNSW group, now he's their National Director. If you're passionate about the election, keep an eye out for Sam who will be joining us at Power Shift to talk about campaign strategy and the Federal Election.
Amelia Telford
Amelia has recently moved from her home in Bundjalung country (Northern Rivers, NSW) to Melbourne for her role as the coordinator of the AYCC Indigenous Youth Engagement Program. Amelia has been actively involved in AYCC since Power Shift 2011.
Ginny Gerlach

Ginny is the backbone of the "Protect Keppel Bay" community campaign. She is changing the game and protecting the reef and the Fitzroy Delta from the impacts of coal exports. Having seen the impacts of fossil fuels in her own area, Ginny is able to share stories from the frontline of climate campaigning in Queensland. 

Amanda McKenzie
Co-founder and previous National Director of the AYCC, Amanda is the 2009 joint Young Environmentalist of the Year. She's led three youth delegations to United Nations Climate Change Conferences, and has been a crucial part of building the global youth climate movement.
Tama Tatau
Tama Tatau are a group of men linked through their passion for Samoan and Pacific Island dance.  Tama Tatau's high energy and fast-paced movements to the rich intensity of Island drum beats truly captures the essence and flavor of the Pacific. They'll be joining us in song and dance.
Anna Rose
Anna was co-founder and formerly Co-Director and Chair of the AYCC as well as the former Environment Minister's joint Young Environmentalist of the Year. She's been passionate about social and environmental justice since the age of 14, setting up "environmental campaigning" as a school sport.
Miranda Gibson
Miranda is a young person willing to go out of her comfort zone to protect what she's passionate about. A conservationist who spent a record breaking 457 days tree-sitting in South West Tasmania, to protect old growth forests.
John Hepburn
John grew up in QLD where his father was employed by the coal industry. After university John found himself also working in coal, oil and gas. 10 years ago he made a life-changing shift. Since then he has played a key strategic role for the climate movement, especially Greenpeace International.
Jarrod McKenna
Jarrod is passionate about the role spiritualities of earth-affirming neighbourliness, nonviolence and imagination can play in forming communities of resilience to navigate our ecological crisis. He'll be sharing what he's learnt from phenomenal young activists in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
Lucy Manne
Lucy has always been a crucial part of the AYCC, whether it be representing youth at the UN or managing our online campaigns. In 2012, Lucy moved to New Hampshire to work as the Media Director on a competitive Democratic campaign for Congress - which won! She's come back and is currently AYCC's Co-Director.
Kirsty Albion

Kirsty has been key to setting up AYCC's huge grassroots networks. She's run 4,000 days of volunteer training, inspiring thousands of young people around Australia. She also has worked with youth in Fiji, to help start a Pacific Youth Climate movement. In 2010 she won Young Australian of the Year Tasmania.


More to come...