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Climb-it for Climate 2015

Climb-it for Climate 2015

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Sarah Carlin

“Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it is not yet the end”.

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Sarah Carlin

Currently undertaking my Master’s Thesis in International Relations on the affect climate change has on individuals and their adaptation methods to cope with the changesSupport me to Climb-it for Climate in 2015 with the AYCC. 

About me

Working full time and studying part time I don’t have a large social life. The precious time I do have I try to make the most of and fill to the brim of fun, and happiness with friends and family. I love helping others and enjoy volunteering in order to help people less fortunate.

I am very determine and work hard to achieve the goals I set myself and that are set for me in both a professional and personal manner. This trip is a once in a life time opportunity and I feel so grateful I have been given the opportunity to join.

Why I'm joining Climb-it for Climate in 2015

I am currently working full time and studying part time at Curtin University in Perth Western Australia. I am very passionate about climate change and the effects it has on an individual basis and the global outcomes and solutions. With the effects of climate change being felt across the world, I feel more focus needs to be put on trying to combat climate change. I am joining Climb-it for Climate to help raise awareness of a growing issue that desperately needs more political attention and action.

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Raised $3,950.00
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