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Support Climate Leaders

Sai Whelan-Schrapel

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Sai Whelan-Schrapel

About Me

Where have you stood on climate action? I have stood on beaches, on clifftops and in forests. I have even stood for hours, soothing my baby through the night. I have stared down the sunrise and walked from Port Augusta to Adelaide with 100 other people to deliver a message from the town to state legislators.

That message was the demand for climate justice. We want what is right - we want a healthy world. We need help to get there, and this is my next step down that road.

My daughter is a year old. She not only deserves a safe climate future, she deserves to grow and learn in a world where we don't live in fear of natural disasters; where we have clean water and can play outside whenever we want. At the moment she is fascinated with collecting fallen leaves and spring flower buds. Her adorable face and my involvement with AYCC to-date means I just had to be part of AYCC and Seed's Climate Leaders training program. I can write to you my hope, but what I really need is to say help!

Helping me by donating means I can train as a community organiser, and there's a long list of warm and fuzzy feelings that make donating awesome. Safeguarding the future and fixing past mistakes, looking after the land and climate, and everything lovely about a sunset and a nice meal. Throw in any money you can, and tell me your personal reason why. We all have our reasons for getting involved.

Donations will help cover my three weeks' travel and training expenses so I can help my family, my community, yours and so much more.

Please, my hand is stretched out, will you be the change with me?

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Raised $632.50
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