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Climb-it for Climate 2015

Climb-it for Climate 2015

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Isabella Kanowski

$4,128.05 raised
Goal: $3,950.00

Isabella Kanowski

Support me to Climb-it for Climate in 2015 with the AYCC. I'm a building design student/aspiring architect and a SCUBA dive-master, passionate about making a difference!

About me

As a building design student, I hope in the future to contribute to "Green Architecture" and a more sustainable way of living. I enjoy working as a SCUBA dive master, so I am passionate about the health of our oceans and take a keen interest in ocean and reef conservation. I am an avid fan of sharks and a strong advocate for their protection. I enjoy hiking and being able to challenge myself, having recently trekked the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory I am keen to extend my travels overseas.

Why I'm joining Climb-it for Climate in 2015

Trekking to Mt Everest’s Base Camp has always been a personal dream. I am beyond excited to have found an opportunity to not only accomplish that personal goal but to also help the Nepalese community, who are currently suffering from the effects of climate change. As a SCUBA dive-master I have seen the effects of climate change on our reef systems, where coral bleaching is devastating. This is an incredible opportunity to make a difference on an individual level in raising awareness about climate change and its effects on our environment. 

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Raised $4,128.05
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