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Pacific Warriors Fundraiser

Pacific Warriors Fundraiser

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Erica Ransley

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Erica Ransley

Hi everyone!

My name is Erica and I am a volunteer with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. I am making the trip to Newcastle NSW, to the worlds largest coal port, in order to support the Pacific Climate Warriors in their attempt to stop coal exports for a day. Climate change is already affecting the people of the Pacific Islands, they are losing their homes, culture and way of life.

The Pacific Islands contribute almost nothing to global carbon emissions yet they are the ones suffering the effects. It's time that Australia stood up for our brothers and sisters in the Pacific Islands and took real action on climate change! The Pacific Islands and the fossil fuel industry can not coexist and that is why I will be there on October 17th, floating along side my bothers and sisters, fighting for a safe climate future for all!

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Raised $303.00
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