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Pacific Warriors Fundraiser

Pacific Warriors Fundraiser

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Ella Weisbrot

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Ella Weisbrot

I'm one of the NSW State Coordinators and I've been volunteering with the AYCC since 2013.  I got involved in the AYCC because I believe that climate change is the greatest and most urgent social justice issue of our generation - and that is why I'll be standing with the Pacific Warriors next Friday in Newcastle. Sea level rise is already claiming islands in the Pacific, and many more are imminently at threat. 

Our Pacific Island neighbours are fighting for their survival and in Australia, we have a critical role to play; we are one of the largest coal exporters in the world, and with plans to even further increase our coal exports, our actions will have a devastating impact on the Pacific unless we act now.  That's why I'll be joining the flotilla in Newcastle - to stand with the Pacific Warriors in laying a peaceful challenge to the fossil fuel industry:  our future, and the future of the Pacific, is worth protecting.   If you can't join us on October 17, please consider contributing whatever you can to support our volunteers in standing in solidarity with our Pacific neighbours.

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Raised $820.00
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