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Help our AYCC and Seed delegation get to Paris for COP21

Help our AYCC and Seed delegation get to Paris for COP21

The AYCC and Seed are proud to be sending 14 young Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people to Paris for the COP21 UN climate summit. They're an incredibly talented bunch, and are super excited to be representing the voices of 120,000 young people at this historic summit. 

Their objectives are: 

  • Make connections, skillshare and network with youth from across the world, particularly at the Conference of Youth (COY11);
  • Deliver the results of the Youth Decide high school vote to the Australian delegation and call on them to consider our future when they negotiate;
  • Communicate the latest developments on the ground in Paris back to Australia through media, social media and blogs; and
  • Run creative actions in collaboration with the rest of the climate movement that hold world leaders (especially the Australian government) to account and tell them to get the job done. 

We still need to raise $2800 to get them there, and provide everything they need to do the best job possible. Please chip in what you can to make this trip possible. 

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