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Pacific Warriors Fundraiser

Pacific Warriors Fundraiser

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Amelia Anthony

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Amelia Anthony

Hi, my name is Millie, and I have been volunteering with the AYCC in NSW for over a year. I'm involved with the AYCC because I can't stand to think that future generations and the people who are already most vulnerable in our society stand to be effected first, and worst by climate change. I want to be part of creating solutions to climate change, and I know that young people are a fundamental part- and are leaders- of that solution. As part of the first generation to feel the effects of climate change, and the last generation to be able to prevent the worst impacts, I am excited by the challenge that climate change presents to create a more equal and sustainable society. 

That is why I am standing in solidarity with the Pacific Warriors on October 17th. The Australian coal industry is directly threatening the existence of the Pacific Islands- their culture, their livelihoods and their lives. The transition to a more just and sustainable world must start now. We must join together to send a message to the fossil fuel industry and our government. We will not stand by as you threaten the future of our Pacific Island neighbours, and a safe climate future for future generations of young Australians.  

So please join me in helping to send more young people to stand in solidarity with the warriors. Together, we will call for a safe climate future fueled by safe, clean, renewable energy and an end to dirty coal.

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Raised $390.00
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