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    Climate Justice Bootcamps

    When hundreds of passionate Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous young people get together, incredible things can happen.

    This spring, Climate Justice Bootcamps will connect hundreds of diverse young people in different cities as part of a national movement. It will be our biggest, boldest nationwide training ever. Young people of diverse cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexualities, abilities and experiences will come together to build relationships, share skills and plan campaigns for climate justice. 

    Run by and for young people, Climate Justice Bootcamp is a weekend of training, skill-sharing and networking that’s open to any young person. This isn’t a conference or a talkfest - it’s a launchpad for real action and hard-hitting campaigns to solve the climate crisis.

    Over two days, you’ll hear from seasoned activists who know how to win campaigns for social change, and meet other people who care as much as you do about creating a better, fairer future.

    Plus, we’ll plan powerful campaigns to stop Australia’s biggest coal and gas projects and drive the clean energy transition we need - and give you the chance to put your new skills into action!


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    Empower young Australians to take action on climate change.

    Where the Money Goes

    We are a grassroots network that is grassroots funded. We are powerful because of the support of thousands of Australians - young and old - who believe in a vision for a better, fairer world powered by 100% renewable energy. Your contribution will support young people to be leaders in the climate movement, to run strategic campaigns to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and empower young people to realise they can make a difference. 


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    Thanks for signing! Can you chip in $8 to protect our right to protest?

    BREAKING: The Federal Government have just passed their new draconian laws that risk our right to protest. 

    Protesting is a fundamental part of our democracy. It allows everyday people to stand up for what they believe in and create real change. 

    Chip in $8 and we can ramp up the pressure on the Turnbull Government. 

    We'll be able to run cheeky hard-hitting social media content, build community opposition and most importantly, continue to grow a movement of young people. 

    We cannot take action on climate change unless our democratic principles are upheld.

    Are you in?


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    Thanks for signing! Will you chip in $8 to make sure we can right a rapid-response campaign to stop these new laws?

    The government are trying to rush legislation through parliament early next week that could mean in certain circumstances, people peacefully protesting could face 10+ years in jail!

    When our politicians don't act to protect our future from dangerous climate change, we have to do whatever it takes to make them take action: like protesting. 

    Together, we can ramp up the pressure on PM Turnbull by running savvy social media campaigns, buliding a movement and mobilising thousands of young people across the country to make as much noise as possible about this disastrous legislation.

    We know we can do it.

    Together, we can protect our democracy.


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    Chip in to Stop Adani’s Unlimited Water

    It's outrageous. While 85% of Queensland suffers through crippling drought, the Queensland government is giving unlimited water to a billionaire coal miner.

    The Government needs to hear from thousands of Australians who want to stop this coal mine and its unlimited water license. The only way we can win is if people stand together - that means our politicians need to hear your voice.

    Together we can do this, and that's why we're asking you today to help build a loud and powerful national campaign.

    Will you chip in $15 to the Adani Fighting Fund to help stop this dangerous coal mine and its unlimited water license?

    If we can stop the Adani coal mine, we can save our water, our Reef and our climate. 


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    Great points

    Send a message to the QLD Government

    Thank you for signing the petition! Next step, tell the QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk why you joined the campaign.

    Together, let’s send a clear message to our coal-obsessed Government: when they give unlimited water to a billionaire coal miner, people across the country will fight back.

    Write your message to the QLD Government now. Just a few sentences is perfect, and here are couple points to help you get started:

    • While 85% of Queensland suffers through crippling drought, the Queensland government is handing a billionaire coal miner unlimited water

    • This water license would drain unlimited amounts of precious QLD water from the Great Artesian Basin

    • The Adani coal mine will wreck our Reef and our climate, something that Australians will not accept